Climbing by Lake Koocanusa
Sticks are life
Fishing on a different kind of drift boat
Tree Swallow feeding the babies
Alpine purple flower! Silene acaulis perhaps???
Pack-alpacas. Somebody got spit on!
Daisies in Montana
Climbing in the Black Canyon
Alpine Fishing at the secret lake
Start ’em young.
Anybody’s guess
Just a normal drive on a Montana highway in summer, stomping out brush fires
The only way up the crumbly rock
Rubus idaeus
Frozen Rubus idaeus
Rubus idaeus with glucose 😛
Mom, I’m done fishing for the day
Looking for elk in the backcountry
A long way gone.
Where the rivers merge
Fall on the bridge
Pileated woodpecker
Science Writers Conference, Washington DC, 2018
Bernie & The Believers, Tiny Desk Concert, NPR, Washington DC
Bouldering at The Gunks
Done for the day
Frozen Montana
Winter on the tracks
Only one way down