Hi there! I’m Berly McCoy, a freelance science writer and multimedia producer living the cabin dream in Northwest Montana. 

I’ve written and produced stories about biology, chemistry, food, space and the environment for PBS NewsHour, Scientific American, NPR and the YouTube science channel It’s Okay to be Smart.

I also coordinate the NPR Scicommers, a community of scientists and engineers interested in improving their science communication skills. Email nprscicommers[at]gmail[dot]com to join.

I earned my Ph.D. in 2018 in biochemistry converting viruses into biofuel-producing nano-reactors. During graduate school I also co-founded, wrote and edited for Indiana University’s first science blog, ScIU: Conversations in Science at Indiana University. You can find my ScIU posts here.

When I’m not writing about science I enjoy rock climbing, ice fishing and making food magically appear from dirt. Or throwing the frisbee for my doggo, who is, objectively, the goodest boy.